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Telephone: 01928 574026


We can offer you:

Phone Support

In need of advice and guidance, a phone call to PSIFX can be very convenient. Not only will you receive a professional service but also speak to qualified technicians “NOT” call centre operators!

Remote Assistance

When it comes to computer troubles, PSIFX are proactive ensuring you don’t have to wait for an onsite engineer. Our first line technical support provides rapid response preventing any issues from escalating, in-turn reducing any downtime and costing you money.

Onsite Engineer

We at PSIFX ensure you have onsite technical support. This can be provided with scheduled visits or call on demand, either way our Engineers provide full capabilities and knowledge to assist you with any technical issue.

Computer Repair Centre

Experience our friendly and approachable team to problem solve, diagnose and repair your computer hardware and software issues. Our popular walk in service delivers quality and assurance and maintains stocked shelves with frequently required consumables and components.


Our pricing decisions are evaluated at time of request. We have a dedicated department who search for the best prices ensuring we are competitive and value for money.

Consultancy and Project Management

As experts in our field we provide complete solutions to properly address any questions This starts from the initial contact to on-going meetings to complete project delivery.