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Virus Removal

Virus attacks are frequent amongst Windows Operating Systems; they are small software programs that interfere with computer operations. To remove an unwanted virus can be amongst the hardest computer problems to deal with. Unfortunately, most antivirus programs only partially detect or remove infections leading to the infection needing to be manually removed. In the event of a virus being removed reinstallation of system files and program files may also need restoring.

Related signs:

  • Clicking on a search link only to be redirected to an unrelated page
  • Virus alerts telling you that your system has been compromised by a computer virus
  • Significant deterioration in speed and performance

What’s included in our service:

  • In-depth Virus scan and removal
  • Computer security check
  • Repair system files
  • Update to the latest service pack and security definitions
  • Test and verify System performance

+ Customer Advice:

  • Frequently backup the most important information
  • Have a quality Anti-Virus program
  • Firewall installed
  • Latest Updates installed

For professional help and advice about firewalls and other methods of protection contact PSIFX team.

Anti-Virus Protection

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