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Custom Builds

You may not be a gamer but rather looking for a computer that supports particular applications and requires a little more under the hood, like video editing, in-turn you still want access to the most general applications like email, photos and social networking without affecting the performance. With that said a computer that lasts a long time would be nice too.

Rather than having desirable components overlooked by keeping with the same streamline approach to that given from the larger corporations, for a little extra money PSIFX have the expertise to design and build you a computer around your budget and requirements.

Having this opportunity gives you the power to add enhancements and improve computer responsiveness.

What’s included in our service:

  • List of customer requirements
  • Evaluate the requirements to the budget
  • Design the Computer
  • Propose costs and time
  • Build the Computer
  • Test the Computer

Inquire by contacting the PSIFX team.