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Astmoor Primary School have been working with PSIFX since they were first established and have been happy to continue using their services year on year. Our current Service Level Agreement works on a fortnightly rota basis but allows a good level of flexibility when required.

The service PSIFX offers has been wide ranging and includes not only the day-to day maintenance and troubleshooting carried out by the technicians but also the following services:

  • Staff professional development eg, Interactive Whiteboard Training
  • Costing, ordering and purchasing new equipment
  • Installing new hardware

PSIFX provide an excellent service which caters well for our school needs. We would hope to continue with this arrangement for the foreseeable future and would recommend PSIFX to other establishments.

Louisa Aldridge – Headteacher
Suzanne Hunter – Deputy Headteacher, ICT Co-ordinator

We as a school have dealt with the company for just short of 10 years. We have always found the company to be helpful and there for us when we have needed them.

The service level agreement that we continually resign to involves a fortnightly visit from one of the technicians, who liaises with all staff to solve any problems with hardware and software that may be occurring. Not only are problems solved, but technicians also have suggested courses of action or offered on the spot training to ensure other similar problems do not occur again. The agreement has also incorporated sourcing all of our buying requirements and finding us excellent, competitive rates on all items.

The technicians that we have dealt with have always been polite, courteous and more than willing to help. No job has been too much (or indeed too little) for them to do.

Invaluable advice has been given as to the improvement of the whole technical infrastructure, incorporating laptop and desktop computers, interactive whiteboard systems and school wide information networks. Whenever problems have arisen in the short term, responses from the central administration team and the technicians themselves have been first class.

PSIFX Networks Ltd deserves particular praise for their dealings with our school in the run up to OFSTED. Given the short notice that schools receive from OFSTED now, it has been imperative that all the school’s ICT equipment is working and presents no problems to the teaching staff. PSIFX have ensured that technicians have been available to the school to deliver this promise.

Overall, the level of service that we have received from the company has been excellent. The service has proved to be exceptional value for money, actually saving us money in the long run in certain areas. We as a school are extremely satisfied customers and intend to remain with the company for the foreseeable future.

Jonathan Griffiths